MUST WATCH - Be Aware of a NEW Attack on Islam by the enemies of Islam

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Please spread the awareness amongst all the Muslims - Shias and Sunnis - against this NEW attack on the Muslim Ummah lotted by the enemies of Islam. People raising these slogans are nothing but sold out herds of animals. These are the residuals of Yazeed (l.a) and Yazeedis (l.a). Try to understand what is cooking behind the scenes - Who has planted this ABSURD thinking amongst so called Muslims. What could be the purpose of this. Try to make our Sunni brothers realize and educate that Wahabbiism is creaping into our homes. Wahabbiism is making our new generation the enemies of Prophet Muhammad e Mustafa (s.a.w.a.w) and his family (a.s) -God Forbid- No Sunni or Shia will tolerate such a disrespect against the respectable personalities of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.w) and Everyone of his ahl e bait (a.s) are the PRIDE of Islam. Every Shia and Every Sunni respect them and love them. There are numerous Verses in Quran and traditions from the Prophet of Allah stressing on the importance of love towards Prophet (s.a.w.a.w) and Ahl e Bait (a.s) of Prophet. I urge SHIA SUNNI to unite against these EVIL and BAATIL conspiracies against Islam. LOVE Rasool Allah and his Progeny and carry out your Islamic responsibilities i.e. individual and social responsibilities and you will be successful in this world and hereafter. InshaAllah. The foremost Islamic responsibility - sharai wazeefa - that we have is to protect Islam and these Holy personalities. DEATH to the ENEMIES of ISLAM and their AGENTS. May Allah hasten the reappearance of Imam of our time (a.t.f.s)

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