[26 July 2011] پاراچنار امدادی کاروان روانہ MWM Parachinar Aid Caravan Departed - Urdu

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Since the innocent residents of Parachinar have been suffering for over 5 years now. There is a blockade of basic necessities of life inside Parachinar e.g. food, medicines etc. Terrorists kill those who attempt to go to Parachinar. There are several incidents where cars and trucks are burnt by these Takfiri elements. Government of Pakistan has always turned a blind eye towards the demands made by the residents of Parachinar and the supporters of human rights throughout Pakistan. False promises and unfulfilled commitments by the Government have compelled the general public of Pakistan to feel for the oppressed living in Parachinar. To fulfill this responsibility, MWM has decided to take an aid caravan to Parachinar. Now the civilians of Pakistan will help the oppressed of Parachinar. Freedom lover people of Pakistan have donated many goods and money to their brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May Allah accept their contribution. MAY ALLAH PROTECT THIS CARAVAN AND THAT THEY REACH PARACHINAR WITH ALL THE FOOD SUPPLIES, MEDICINES, AND OTHER GOODS OF USE. MAY ALLAH BRING THESE DIGNIFIED AND GLORIOUS BELIEVERS BACK HOME SAFE AS WELL.

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