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Watch all ** ** Fars news agency: “The prophet Josef (May Peace Be upon Him)” serial received a warm welcome by Arab world and Arab audience in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. According to Fars news agency, citing the public relations office of Alkawthar channel, with broadcasting “The prophet Josef (May Peace Be upon Him)” serial in national channels (channel 1 and Qura’an channel), AlKawthar channel of IRIB broadcasts the serial in Arabic for Arab audience in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe at the same time. Based on this report, Alkawthar satellite channel of IRIB broadcasts its programmers via Hot Bird like Nilesat and ARABSAT. also broadcasts live its programmers for audience all over the world. The photos and a summery of every part of the serial are the most visited segments on the website. The high number of emails received from 45 countries shows audience interest in this appealing serial. And also alkawthar channel audience from countries like Bahrain, Belgium, Maghreb, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Greece, Norway, Philippines, Austria, Spain, Pakistan, Canada, England, Gabon, Holland, Libya, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Italy, Mauritania, Denmark, China, Palestine, Tunisia, Yemen, Kuwait, Sudan, Scotland, Algeria, Sweden, Germany, the US, Syria, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, and France email their opinion about the serial.

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