[25 Jan 2013] Lessons from Prophet Muhammad-s diplomacy? - Islam And Life - English

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In a world where Islam is portrayed as an intolerant and strict religion, the diplomacy of the messenger of Allah with those of other faiths has been buried with time. Though He and his people were continuously persecuted, Prophet Muhammad treated other minorities with equality, tolerance and respect. In fact, He had invited the Jewish community and others to join the Muslims in a covenant promising them exemption from insults, equal rights to Muslims, security and freedom to practice their own religion. This tolerance and respect was instructed upon him in many verses in the Holy Quran.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"And if they [that is, your parents] insist on you to associate (an idol) with Me... then do not obey them; however, live with them in this world kindly...\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" (Surah al-Luqman, 31:15) According to Islam, Jews and Christians are described as Ahlulbitab (People of Scriptures) and thus must be respected. Yet many modern day Muslims refuse to enter into civilized friendships or integrate more openly with them. This week\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Islam and Life asks: What lessons can be derived from Prophet Muhammad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s diplomacy? Broadcast Date: 24 Jan. 2013 Watch this video on our website: http://www.presstv.ir/Program/285475.html

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