Anti-nuclear vigil held at White House - 21Mar2011 - English

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On a peaceful day in front of the White House there was a group focused on US aggression of nuclear proportions. Nearly 30 years ago William "Doubting" Thomas started the White House Anti-Nuclear Peace Vigil. He died in 2009. But since then, his supporters such as “Concepcion” who's a fixture here--have been carrying out his legacy of urging the US government to redefine its nuclear development and nuclear aggression against other countries. Thomas' widow Ellen says more nuclear weapons don't make the population safer. The vigil in front of the white house couldn't come at a more poignant time. With nuclear reactor failures in Japan after a massive earthquake and the us participation of strikes over Libya after a un-mandated no-fly zone, activists say the us government is headed in the wrong direction regarding nuclear development and military activity.

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