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Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg are going tobogganing up in some high mountains. After a long climb, they reach the top, and sled their way down. Pingu\'s friends go down at great speed, but Pingu has trouble; his sled doesn\'t seem to slide and he can only go slowly. It then turns out that the skis on the bottom of Pingu\'s sled are rusted, and his friends give him a greased rag to polish them with. After Pingu\'s friends come down a second time, he shows them how clean the skis are, and does a test, which turns out successful. They try a third time, but Pingu over-polished the skis, and he goes zooming down too fast to control. His sled breaks, and he crashes into a snowman, getting stuck inside it. Pingu\'s friends find him, move the snowman inside, and then put it near the furnace so it melts to free Pingu. When he thaws completely, Pingo offers him the greased rag again. Pingu rejects angrily. Then they all have a good laugh about it.

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