The Era We Live In | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | Arabic Sub English

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Despite the fact that the world of Islam is ready to confront the camp of oppressors, some keep insisting that this era is the era of not confronting the enemy. Despite the fact that an Islamic Government has already been formed over 40 years ago, some continue to feel scared of the so-called superpowers. Despite the Islamic awakening around the globe and a strong Islamic movement, some continue to live in fear and paranoia. Despite back to back victories that Allah keeps bestowing upon this divine Islamic movement, some continue to instill cowardice and passiveness in the hearts of the believers. Brothers and sisters out there, recognize the time you live in. Don\\\\\\\'t become passive because some friend or some speaker or some scholar or some relative of yours decides to live in the past. The movement needs you. The movement awaits you to join. The caravan of ishq continues to head towards its destination - Imam Mahdi (A). Wake up if you\\\\\\\'re asleep. Become active if you\\\\\\\'re passive. Learn and act on Islam simultaneously. Understand your responsibilities in today\\\\\\\'s time!

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