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US intelligence agencies have been aware of a potential attack 'from the sea against hotels and business centers' in Indian port city of Mumbai. One US intelligence official said India had been told of an apparent plot to launch an attack from the sea, the AP agency reports. The official added specific locations, including the Taj hotel, were listed in the US warning. The reports came as India's navy chief said there had been 'systemic failures' in the country's security and intelligence services. Three days before militants landed in Mumbai to launch deadly attacks, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had warned the country's police chiefs that India could not afford another attack. Just the day before that, Home Minister Shivraj Patil, who has since resigned, warned that India's coastline needed to be guarded better. But the attacks last week caught the Indian security services off-guard. The 10 gunmen who attacked a handful of prominent targets in Mumbai killed about 180 people.

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