The Future of Palestine & Yemen | Imam Khamenei | Arabic Sub English

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What does the Leader of the Muslim Ummah have to say about the issue of Palestine? And what is the dirty goal of America and its followers regarding the issue of Palestine? Additionally, how are the issues of Yemen and Palestine similar? And what advice does Imam Khamenei have for the authorities of Saudi Arabia? Moreover, who – according to Imam Khamenei – will be victorious in the Yemen war and why? And finally, what does his eminence have to say about the two-month ceasefire that was announced? The Leader of the Muslim Ummah – Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei – answers and talks about the failure of the oppressors on both the Palestinian and the Yemeni front. The Pivot is Palestine, and Free It Shall Be! It is the Promise of Allah. #BDS #BoycottApartheid #FlyTheFlag #AlQuds2022 #AlQuds_The_Axis #alQuds #QudsDay #Free Palestine #Palestine #Yemen #Zionism #DeathToisrael

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