The Second Revolution | Documentary (Part 3 of 3) | English

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(Part 3 of 3) Title: The Classified Documents in the Den of Espionage What did American officials in the American Embassy in Tehran, also known as the \\\'Den of Espionage\\\' do in the last hours before university students stormed the Embassy? What were some of the contents of the confidential and official American governmental documents found in the \\\'Den of Espionage\\\'? What did the university students loyal to the line of Imam Khomeini (R) do with the shredded confidential papers recovered in the \\\'Den of Espionage;? What is a recommendation of Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei as regards to the evidence and classified documents recovered in the \\\'Den of Espionage\\\', which is approximately 70 to 80 volumes? Finally, based upon the evidence recovered by brave university students loyal to the line of Imam Khomeini (R), what is the reality of America vis-à-vis, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolution? This short 3-part documentary helps to clarify and explain some of the ins and outs, when in 1979, Iranian students loyal to Imam Khomeini (R) embarked upon \\\"The Second Revolution\\\" and ultimately revealed \\\"The Classified Documents in the Den of Espionage\\\".

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