[Ep.7] THE BLOOD VENTURE (The season of Thirst) - English

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[Ep.7]   THE   BLOOD   VENTURE   (The   season   of   Thirst)   Seasom   of   thirst   Blood   Venture   Khamenei   PureStreamMedia   Pure   Stream   Media   Ali   Asghar  

[Ep.7] THE BLOOD VENTURE (The season of Thirst) A series of 12 episodes of \\\\\\\'The Blood Venture\\\\\\\' based on the history, events, and lessons derived from the uprising of Imam Al-Husayn (as) in Karbala. A \\\\\\\'Pure Stream\\\\\\\' production. All rights reserved. Duration = 5:02 Follow us at: Shiatv.net/user/PureStreamMedia Telegram.me/PureStreamMedia Fb.com/PureStreamMedia

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