The Two Types of Occultation in the Qur'an | Shaykh Shafiq Huda | English

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What is a more precise meaning for the word \'occultation\'? What does the 6th divinely appointed Imam, Imam Ja\'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq (A) say about the two types of \'occultation\' found in the holy Qur\'an? And what do \'The Companions of the Cave\' have to do with our discussion about \'occultation\'? And when will these \'Companions of the Cave\' be released from their cave? And what does the story of Prophet Yusuf (A) have to do with our discussion regarding \'occultation\'? What does Imam Sadiq (A) say about Prophet Yusuf (A) and the \'occultation\' of Imam al-Mahdi (A)? Finally, what is a chilling reality that is explained in a tradition, as regards to what each Shia will say when they see the Imam of the Time (A)? In this Scholar Clip, Shaykh Shafiq Huda speaks about \"The Two Types of Occultation in the Qur\'an\", and which one are we all in, during this occultation of the Imam (A) in the present-day. #IslamicPulse #ScholarClips #Allah #Quran #AhlulBayt #Islam #Muslim #Shia #Mahdi #AwaitedOne #Salvation #ImamMahdi #Savior

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