The Story of Stuff - Ch.1 - Introduction - English

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The Story of Stuff will take you on a provocative tour of the consumer-driven culture in the US and the increasing consumerism and materialism in the rest of the world - from resource extraction to iPod incineration - exposing the real costs of our use-it and lose-it approach to stuff. -- ISLAM is against materialism because it results in social injustice and oppression. But also because Islam wants to nurture the inner spirituality and other potential noble qualities in human beings - and materialism - that is the slavery of this world - takes them in exactly the opposite direction. Often non-religious movements choose to resist materialism because of its consequences on society - that is they resist materialism for instrumental - means to ends - reasons. Islam however places importance on simplicity and modesty because they are valuable in themselves for human perfection. Hence even if the world becomes full of resources and everyone has more than what he or she needs Islam would still stress on simplicity and modesty in the lifestyles and pursuits of its followers. With its ideals of human perfection and emphasis on the eternal life in the hereafter Islam provides a powerful rational and emotional stimulus for individuals to abstain from materialism and channel their self-interest into attaining lofty human ideals and qualities. For more on this see Shaheed Mutahhari-s following works available on - a. Spiritual Discourses b. Perfect Man.

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