The Hidden Garden Graveyard of Tehran | Howza Life | English

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A very special episode indeed! Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder and Syeda Fatima Ali along with some of the Islamic Pulse team members, their families, and some of the Students of Qom and their friends, were given the honor of visiting the Shrine of Imam Khomeini and the “Garden of Zahra” (Behesht-e-Zahra) in Tehran: the experience was uplifting, inspiring and poignant. “The Garden of Zahra” is one of the biggest military graveyards in the entire world, where some 200,000 shohada (martyrs) from the Sacred Defense era are laid to rest. Some of these soldiers - like Shaheed Beheshti, Shaheed Mustafa Chamran, Shaheed Ahmad Ali Nayari and Shaheed Ibrahim Hadi - who were killed in the way of establishing the Islamic Revolution, have such fascinating stories in their lives that any one of these brilliant gems is enough to turn a person’s heart. Old and young, rich and poor, some of them were so pure, they restrained their anger at the hardest of times, some of them were so firm in their faith, they swore to do Shifa (intercession) for their comrades and some of them even met with Imam Mahdi (A)… #HowzaLife #IslamicPulse #Tehran #Iran #IslamicRevolution #SacredDefense #Khamenei #Wilayate #Love #Islam #Quran #Martyrdom #Freedom #Shaheed #Martyr #Truth #Ahlulbayt #ImamMahdi

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