[5] Poetry by Br. Muhammad Rizvi - Protest @ Pakistan Embassy, Washington DC - 14Apr12 - English

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This Video: Washington DC. Thousands of American, Canadian and British Muslims protest against Extremist Wahabis and the Government of Pakistan. April 14, 2012: The streets across the Embassies and Consulates of Pakistan in London, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary were filled with protestors chanting slogans against the extremist wahabis and against the Government of Pakistan. They were protesting the barbaric murders of innocent Shia Muslims on April 02, 2012, where buses travelling between Rawalpindi and Gilgit were stopped in Chilas and the Shia Muslims were identified and brutally slaughtered by the extremist wahabis as their families watched and screamed in horror. The protestors also expressed their pain and anger at the ongoing genocide in Quetta, Karachi, Lahore and other areas of Pakistan and demanded an immediate end to the killings. Speakers at the rallies categorically stated that they are not protesting against Pakistan or against any sect of Islam. They are against the extremist ideology followed by the barbaric criminals committing the massacres and against the Government of Pakistan for failing to close Saudi-funded hate schools and for failing to arrest the murderous graduates of these schools. The largest rallies were taken out in Washington DC (USA), London (UK) and Toronto (Canada), where thousands of Muslims belonging to various sects of Islam gathered to show their solidarity with the victims. They raised the slogans of "Shias and Sunnis are brothers" and "Long Live Pakistan". The participants of the Washington DC rally had traveled from Houston, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Atlanta Boston, Dallas, Seattle Washington DC and other cities to register their protest. These were the largest protest ever held against the Government of Pakistan and showcased the extreme pain and anger felt by the British, American and Canadian Muslims. Hundreds also gathered in Los Angeles, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton to show their solidarity with the victims whose eyes were gouged out and heads smashed with rocks in front of their families without any reason. The Saturday protests in USA, UK and Canada were called in solidarity with the protestors in Pakistan who staged a long sit-in at the parliament house in Islamabad to press for the arrest of the murderers. Delegation of the protestors across North America and Europe met with the officials at the Pakistani Embassies and Consulates and submitted their demands for the Government to take action against the perpetrators within 15 days and to take concrete steps to end the ongoing genocide. The protestors passed a resolution that if the Government does not arrest the perpetrators within 15 days they will hold larger and frequent protests across North America and Europe and will take their case to the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

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