The 3 Qualities of the Messenger (S) That You Must Have | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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How does the Leader of the Islamic Revolution describe the people of Iran? And who are the followers of the Holy Prophet (S)? But what does it mean to truly ‘follow’ the Messenger of Allah (S)? Whom does the holy Qur\'an present as an excellent role model for the Muslims and humanity as a whole? Furthermore, is it possible to follow the holy Prophet (S) perfectly in every aspect of our lives? And how does the honorable wife of the Holy Prophet (S) describe him? And finally, what are three characteristics of the Holy Prophet (S) that Imam Khamenei asks us to give importance to and follow? Imam Khamenei talks about the vastness of the character of the Holy Prophet (S) and explains what it means to truly follow him.

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