How to Perform Wudhu (Shia School of Thought) | MICROFIQH | English

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A simple and comprehensive guide to the Wudhu. If you follow this video precisely, you will be performing correct wudhu. Sayyid Samir Al-Hakim explains all the basics of how to perform correct Wudhu (ablution), which is wajib to perform before various religious duties, such as Salah (prayers) and touching the words of the Holy Quran. [Please consult your Marja for details]. This video is suitable for followers of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei and Ayatollah Sayyid Sistani. It can be used to help those who are new to the religion to learn how to perform this necessary ritual, and can also help those who have been practising Muslims to correct any mistakes they may have been making in the past. You can skip to any section: 00:30 - Verse of the Holy Quran detailing Wudhu 1:16 - Washing the face 1:53 - a point about beards 2:22 - Watch face being washed 2:29 - Washing the arms 3:12 - How many times should you wash (face & arms)? 3:25 - what constitutes a single wash? 3:52 - How to wipe the head and feet 4:14 - Which part of the head must be wiped? 5:00 - Wiping the feet correctly 5:17 - Socks and shoes must be removed 5:26 - Additional points

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