My dear Zaynab, can you believe this is Karbala? Agha Ali Raza Panhiyan Farsi Sub English

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Karbala,ImamHusayn,Panahian   My   dear   Zaynab,   can   you   believe   this   is   Karbala?   Agha   Ali   Raza   Panhiyan  

“How can I be separated from you?” Follow us: Facebook: ... Instagram: Twitter: Telegram: ============================== May this never happen to you that they tell you that you can’t participate in mourning ceremonies for Husayn (as) anymore. Wouldn’t this be terrible? It is not even imaginable that they stop us from participating in such meetings. But tonight, Zaynab was told that she should give up her Husayn since this is Karbala. You’re not willing to abandon Husayn’s (as) mourning ceremony. But from tonight, Zaynab (as) had to prepare herself to lose Husayn (as). Alas for Zaynab’s heart from tonight. What was the philosophy behind Imam Husayn’s (as) head being carried along with Zaynab from Karbala to Kufa and Damascus? Maybe it was for Zaynab to be able to slowly detach herself from Husayn (as). Alas for Zaynab’s heart from tonight. [When they reached Karbala,] the Imam (as) asked, “What’s the name of this land?” They replied, “Karbala.” He said, “I seek refuge in God from sorrow (Karb) and tragedy (bala).” Whenever he talked about Karbala, he would look at Zaynab (as). [It was as if he was saying,] “My Zaynab, this is Karbala. I’m addressing you. We’re going to be separated from each other here. Be ready.” Zaynab (as) would ignore these words and look in a different direction. Aba Abdillah al-Husayn (as) would glance at Zaynab (as), “Did my Zaynab believe this is Karbala? If she had believed it, she would have started wailing. No, she doesn’t believe it. She doesn’t want to accept it.” He would look at his Zaynab caringly. I talked about this story in the last meeting, and I’m talking about it again now. And I’ll always talk about it. Because it took nine days for Husayn (as) to tell Zaynab (as), “This is Karbala. Believe this.” She ignored this until the evening of Tasu’a when Husayn (as) said, “O world! Woe to you.” When Zaynab (as) heard this, she threw herself in front of Husayn (as), screamed and fainted. “My Husayn, don’t talk about leaving.” “My Zaynab, I have tried to tell you many times that this is Karbala! Why didn’t you want to believe this?” “I can’t tolerate this. Don’t talk about leaving!” This means, “I was trying to ignore the fact that we have been in Karbala during these nine days. No matter how much you said this is Karbala, I tried to keep myself busy and didn’t want to accept it.” Imam Husayn (as) said, “My Zaynab! My ancestor (the Prophet), father, brother and mother were all better than I am. They all passed away and you were patient.” She replied, “I was able to be patient because you were there. How can I be separated from you?” May God’s curse be upon the oppressors.

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