How to make drinking straw flowers - English

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Drinking straw flower making tutorial..what an idea. Here i am showing how to make flowers out of drinking straws. They look like daisies. Super quick and easy way and very cheap too..they look beautiful at the end. I took off the middle things from the nylon flowers which i bought from dollar tree fcor the center of these flowers. check if you can find them in any floral shops or in crafts stores like michaels or hobby lobby. Make easy, simple crafts, especially made for children, with paper, pompoms, things easy to find at home and recycled materials. decorative and functional crafts, including painting, toys, gifts, cards, easy projects and ideas, jewelry, plastic bottle , recycled christmas crafts, garland making, diy, flower from plastic bottle, best out of waste, flower from waste paper, construction paper. And also experiments for kids interested in science as it is good for earth day crafting, best out of waste for school children. crafts for pre-school, kindergarten and elementary crafts.

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