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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse Talk Show. In this episode, we\'re talking about some of the \"Highlights of the Leader\'s Speech Regarding Palestine\". What aspect does Imam Khamenei bring up about Zionist israel? And what has the Leader said about the impact that the Palestinian people are having on the world? What does the holy Qur\'an say about the stance of faithful people and how does it apply to the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people? What are the global protests around the world in solidarity with Palestine say about the people of the world? How has the double standard of the West been exposed in the current conflict in Palestine as regards to the West labeling people or entities as \'terrorists\'? And how has the current conflict in Palestine exposed the governments that really care for the Muslims from those that don\'t care for the Muslims? And finally, yes, the Palestinian people are oppressed, but are they weak? To answer these questions and more, we humbly invited Shaykh Mustafa Araki to speak to us about some of the \"Highlights of the Leader\'s Speech Regarding Palestine\". It\'s best to listen clearly to what Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei is saying. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #GlobalArrogance #IslamicRevolution #Revolution #Resistance #MassMedia #ArrogantPowers #Truth #Khamenei #ImamKhamenei #Justice #IslamicResistance #Media #FreePalestine #Gaza #HelpGaza #SavePalestine #FreedomFighter #Palestine #AlQuds #AlAqsaStorm #Freedom #Slavery #Zionism #israel #JihadeTabyiin #SoftWar #IslamicAwareness

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