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In this episode of our journey through \\\\\\\"The Signs of Allah\\\\\\\", Shaykh Muhammad Husayn speaks about the phrase \\\\\\\"In the name of Allah\\\\\\\"; a phrase which is in the beginning of every Surah of the holy Qur\\\\\\\'an, except for one. So why does Allah begin every Surah, except one, with His name? And what is the difference between al-Rahman and al-Raheem? And what happens to a task that does not begin with \\\\\\\"the name of Allah\\\\\\\"? Finally, what is the meaning of the word \\\\\\\"Allah\\\\\\\" in the Arabic dictionary? It only takes a few minutes to witness \\\\\\\"The Signs of Allah\\\\\\\", but it could very well change your lives for the better, for forever. #Allah #TheSignsofAllah #IslamicPulse #Quran #Tafsir #Islam #TheWord #Bsimillah #AhlulBayt

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