Will Christians & Jews go to Heaven? | Game Over | English

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Brand new series, GAME OVER exploring Islamic concepts and answering some of the most topical questions of our time. One of the most commonly raised questions in the minds of our youth is whether our non-Muslim classmates will go to heaven or not. It’s a question that adults have too - what about my Christian peers at work? What about someone who isn’t a Muslim, but they’re a decent human being? What about that celebrity I really like, but Allah hasn’t guided them to Islam? Doesn’t it suffice for someone to be a good person? And the follow-up question is inevitably that if non-Muslims will go to heaven, why should I be a Muslim then? Shaykh Muzaffer Hyder clears the air with precision and arguments from the Holy Quran. And the answer just may lead you to a greater understanding of your own journey towards Allah… #IslamicPulse #GameOver #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Islam #Heaven #Hell #Paradise #Bible #Christianity #Judaism #Monotheism #Polytheism #Belief #Faith #Christian #Jew

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