Relationship with the Zionist Regime | Leader of the Muslim Ummah | Farsi Sub English

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What is an immediate and instant disaster today for the Islamic World? What will those governments who normalized relations with the Zionist regime gain? And are the nations of these governments in favor of this normalization? What was the people\'s reaction to it? Moreover, what does the Zionist regime do with the governments that normalizes relations with them? Additionally, what facts must be said out loud according to the Leader of the Muslim Ummah? Besides, what factor compels governments to shake hands with the fake Zionist regime? And finally, did Zionists become a calamity after the formation of their fake government or were they a threat to humanity before as well? Imam Khamenei speaks about the calamity for the Islamic World, namely the fake Zionist regime, and sheds light on the harms of normalizing relations with it.

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