YEMENI Brother Hamza Sheban - Toronto Protest Against MBS visit to Pakistan - 16Feb2019 - English

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IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MERCIFUL THE BENEFICENT The Consulate General of Pakistan Toronto, ON PROTEST MEMORANDUM We, as Pakistanis, condemn the Official Visit of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan and disassociate ourselves from his criminal acts around the globe. We demand the Govt of Pakistan to not welcome Aal e Saud criminals in Pakistan, rather there should be a protest against his inhumane acts as; 1. Aal e Saud, from the very beginning till now has been disrespecting Islam by demolishing the graves of Holy Ahlulbayt (as) and Sahaba (ra) 2. Saudi Arabia is directly involved in the killings of innocent human beings in Yemen, Syria, Iraq etc. 3. Saudi Arabia has been constantly targeting Shias of Alqateef Province 4. Basic human rights of everyone has been constantly violated in Saudi Arabia 5. Freedom of Speech is completely banned in Saudi Arabia 6. Saudi Arabia is directly responsible for destroying Muslim Unity and is especially backing extremist banned outfits in Pakistan 7. It has been witnessed that Hujjaj at the Shrine of Rasoolallah (saww) have been ridiculed and abused by extremist Wahhabi Mullahs on Govt payroll and has become a routine There should have been a protest against the heinous crimes committed by Aal e Saud especially Bin Salman, not a warm welcome. Seems as if the Govt of Pakistan is following the foot steps of Saudi Arabia by banning the protests against Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan. Islamic Republic of Pakistan has already suffered in the so called ‘Afghan Jehad’ because of Aal e Saud and till today the nation is paying the price. Therefore, Pakistan should not take part in any of Saudi Global Destructive agenda anymore. Quad e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (ra) founded Pakistan so that it becomes exemplary for the rest of Umma, not a play ground for Saudi Wahhabi Extremist Aal e Saud Regime. Now, being patriotic Pakistanis we have our apprehensions that in the past Saudi ‘Riyal’ has got Pakistanis killed, therefore, we demand a transparency in the use of funds given to Pakistan and that there is no hidden/sectarian agenda behind it. May our beloved mother land Islamic Republic of Pakistan be safe and prosperous till the day of Judgement. Amin. Pakistan Zinda Bad … Hay’at Ulama e Shia (Pakistan) Toronto

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