[23 June 2012] Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza - English

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[23 June 2012] Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza - English Israeli warplanes carried out a series of air raids in Gaza, targeting many positions across the blockaded coastal territory. People here are angry over what they say the silence of the international community for not taking any action to put pressure on Israel to end its military attacks. Press TV met Abu Shaban family who escaped unharmed after their house was targeted. Israel has stepped up its assaults on Gaza over the recent days. The attacks have claimed over a dozen lives in Gaza since Monday. A number of Gazans, including at least one child, have been killed and many others injured in the latest Israeli attack.International activists say the world has to condemn Israel's military attacks on innocent Palestinians in Gaza and take decisive measures to end the suffering of Gaza's 1.7 million.Israel frequently carries out air raids and conducts ground incursions in Gaza. The blockaded coastal enclave has been cut of from the outside world as Israel controls Gaza's border crossings, airspace and territorial waters, turning the impoverished territory into the world's largest open air prison.

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