Saudi Prince Bandar - Best friend of Israel - English

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Latet News: 15th May 2008 Saudi-Israeli plot against Hezbollah Thu, 15 May 2008 16:36:28 Prince Bandar bin Sultan (L), Ehud Olmert Former Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Bandar bin Sultan asks Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert to move against Hezbollah. Saudi's Prince Bandar bin Sultan has formally requested Olmert to move the Zionist regime's military forces in the north of the Occupied Lands on the border with Lebanon as a threat against Hezbollah if the latter did not stop attacking government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, Filkka - Israel website revealed Wednesday. Bandar bin Sultan arrived in the Occupied Territories in his private plane directly from Jeddah airport to Lod Airport in Tel Aviv. Bin Sultan asked Olmert to do what is necessary to support PM Siniora, offering to bear all the financial costs of any Israeli war against Hezbollah. Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert who is under investigation in a bribe case, said that he could not do so now, assuring his guest that he could not wage a war on behalf of Saudi Arabia, but he will discuss the issue with the Israeli officials in order to carry out military maneuvers in the south of Lebanon.§ionid=351020203 Old News : This is a Broadcast that hit mainstream UK TV. Please send link out. It exposes The UK Labour Party protecting illegal corporate activities of BAE and the notorious Prince Bandar whom the Bush`s nicknamed "Bandar Bush" because of the close family ties shared since the 70`s. The Scotland Yard Fraud Squad was about to seize The Princes Swiss Bank accounts, till Tony Blair and his puppetmasters pulled the plug on a 3 year investigation, citing "National Security". The very nature of letting this corruption continue in favor of weapons contracts is sheer blackmail. Whats good for the economy isnt always best for people.The Evidence of kickbacks and slushfunds uncovered by Scotland Yard proves its clear whos intrests they are covering up $%@{ The Law is the Law, and no one, including middle east royalty should be above it.

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