[UPDATE] 28July11 امدادی کاروان امن براے پاراچنار - Parachinar Aid Caravan - Urdu

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Updates about the aid caravan headed towards Parachinar, Pakistan by Majlise Wahdate Muslimeen. This peace caravan's aim is to provide food supplies and medicines to the oppressed people of Parachinar. These residents of Parachinar are suffering from the blockade of basic necessities of life for more than past 5 years. The government of Pakistan, intelligence agencies, and military has been turning a blind eye towards the oppression done on these innocent residents of Parachinar. The list of crimes committed against the civilians of Parachinar, including women and children, is exhaustive. Finally the men of honor from different areas of Pakistan, under the supervision and leadership of pious scholars (ulama) have decided to go and help their oppressed brethren in Parachinar. May Allah protect them from the evil of the terrorists. Ameen.

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