The Yemeni People\'s Will Has Won | Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari | arabic Sub English

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Why is the so-called international community silent against the war-crimes perpetrated by the evil and cruel Saudi regime? Why are the Western governments supporting Saudi Arabia from the beginning of this aggression till date? Why are the Muslim governments silent against this unjust onslaught? Why are the so-called human rights organizations not creating a havoc in favor of the innocent men, women, and children dying in Yemen? Are they not seeing that Yemen has been devastated by the Saudi regime with the support of the Great Satan America? Remember, Yemen\\\'s situation today is a SLAP on the face of humanity! Shame on all the silent spectators - whoever they are and wherever they are! After 7+ years of a Western-imposed war, what have the Yemeni people proven? Is this a war of weapons or is it a war of will-powers and determination? Sayyid Hashim al-Haidari outlines some of the responsibilities of the believers and the people of conscience. YEMEN IS ALREADY VICTORIOUS! May Allah protect the leadership of Yemen - Sayyid Abdul Malik - and relieve them from this non-stop oppression and war. #DeathToSaudiRegime #DeathToAmerica

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