Occupy Calgary oct 15 2011 Protesters speak W/ human mic - All Language

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Occupy protests on Prairies draw hundreds; crowd includes seniors, children CALGARY - Hundreds gathered in Prairie cities to speak out against a growing gap between rich and poor. Among the crowd at the Occupy Calgary event were seniors, families with young children, students and even dogs. Police estimate between 300 and 400 flooded a pedestrian avenue near shopping centre and several corporate head offices. Adam Phillips, 26, brought along his six-month-old son, Sylas. He says he doesn't want Sylas to grow up in a world that's run by one per cent of the population. Protester Chad McKinley, 33, says he and his wife both work, but still have a tough time making ends meet. McKinley says he considers himself one of the fortunate ones. He says society was more fair during his parents' generation, and that the middle class has evaporated over the past several decades.

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