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Humorous yet powerful spoken word poetry delivered by our young brother, Husayn Zaidi, on the Islamic concept of unity. It’s unity week! And that means we need to re-emphasize the fundamental and pure concept of Islamic unity as per the Quran and ahadith. It has always been the objective of the Imperialistic powers to divide and conquer; causing Muslims to fight amongst themselves has always been their desire. Unfortunately, there are a handful of individuals within the Muslim community who sow the seeds of discord and wish to cause sectarian strife within the Ummah of the noble Prophet Muhammad (S). Their objectives are clear and their motives are not hidden. It is important to identify such individuals and to denounce them. #Unity #UnityWeek #MuslimsUnited #ProphetMuhammad #OneUmmah #OneProphet #OneQuran #Quran #Muhammad #Prophet #IslamicUnity #Islam #Wahdah #ImamKhomeini #IslamicPulse #IslamicRevolution #Revolution #OneSolution #Muslims #Sunni #Shia

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