[31 Dec 2013] Syrian government is gaining major victories,thanks to support of allies - English

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31   Dec   2013   Syrian   government   is   gaining   major   victories   thanks   to   support   of   allies   PTV   Presstv   English   Syria   prime   minister   says   his   country   government   is   gaining   major   diplomatic   victories  

Syria\\\'s prime minister says his country\\\'s government is gaining major diplomatic victories thanks to the support from its allies. Addressing the Syrian parliament, Wael al-Halqi referred to Russia, Iran, and China as the countries that have helped his nation win such victories. He said the ties between Damascus and Tehran are as strong as the relations with Moscow and other BRICS countries. The Syrian premier said-- without this support-- Syria could see more aggression and pressure. Halqi also praised Syria\\\'s allies for helping it implement the agreement on the destruction of its chemical weapons. He\\\'s epxressed hope that this would enable Damascus to score more victories in future, especially in the upcoming Geneva two conference.

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