London hosts international Islamic Awakening conference - 12Feb2012 - English

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It has been a ground breaking year in the Arab world. Some revolutions are taking their first steps, others are still feeling the pangs of birth. Either way a new region is being born. In a predominantly Muslim region, the Arab Spring has been dubbed an Islamic Awakening. At this conference in London, religious scholars of different faiths and denominations, political figures and experts gathered to discuss the idea. The job is not done yet. But among many of those fighting for freedom on the streets of the Arab world, their belief in god - Allah in Arabic - means everything. A matter of life and death. The sound of AllahuAkbar - God is Great - is now well known across the world synonymous to protestors who believe victory cannot be achieved without him. Of course it is not just Muslims who have been protesting. So what does the Islamic Awakening mean for them? Among the political, social and cultural complexities of these revolutions, the issue of spirituality and faith cannot be ignored. It has played a role. Its significance is yet to be paved. The revolution over the last year have occurred in the muslim world. At this conference they are discussing why they should be called an Islamic awakening. It’s clear Islam played a role in these just born revolutions still defining themselves. They are young movements rooted in a history that must be understood. That’s why the questions being asked her are so crucial. What are the elements of true Islamic values and what would they mean for the region if implemented.

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