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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse Talkshow. In this episode we\'re talking about \"What Makes Imam Khomeini (R) So Special\". So, what really makes Imam Khomeini so very special and unique? And what\'s an interesting thing that can be noted in the true servants and followers of the Ahl al-Bayt (A)? What are two dimensions of the comprehensiveness of Imam Khomeini (R)? Furthermore, what are some aspects of Imam Khomeini\'s individual comprehensiveness? What does it mean when we say that Imam Khomeini\'s spiritual and academic growth wasn\'t unidimensional? What are just a few of the subjects that Imam Khomeini had mastery over? And what are just a few of Imam Khomeini\'s credentials? What are just a few of the literary works of Imam Khomeini? What does Ayatullah Jawadi Amoli say about Imam Khomeini? And in Shaykh Ali Qomi\'s opinion, what is an absolutely must read book authored by Imam Khomeini? What are some aspects of Imam Khomeini\'s comprehensive understanding of Islam? What were the two poles before the Islamic Revolution and what did the Islamic Revolution do to that presiding status quo? How did Imam Khomeini revive religiosity? What kind of Islam becomes a complete code of life, something that was reflected in the life of Imam Khomeini? Finally, what does Islam want from humanity when it comes to comprehensiveness, and how is it related to non-divine systems? To answer these questions and more, we humbly invited Shaykh Ali Qomi from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, to sit down with us and speak a little bit about \"What Makes Imam Khomeini (R) So Special\". Our condolences to all the believers, across the world, wherever you are, upon the demise anniversary of the founding father of the Islamic Republic and the leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R). #Islamic Pulse #IPTalkShow #Allah #Quran #AhlulBayt #Revolution #ImamKhomeini #AyatollahKhomeini #KhomeiniTheGreat #Khomeini #Imam #Khamenei #IslamicRevolution #IslamicSpring #Ayatollah #Independence #Freedom #Justice #Truth #MuslimUnity #SocialJustice #Justice #Jurist #Jurisprudent #Arif #Philosopher #Theologian #IslamicAwareness #Wilayah #Wilayate #Wali #Faqih #IslamicRepublic #Reistance #IR44 #PoliticalIslam

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