The Reality of Satan, the Jinn | Makinations S.2 Ep.1 | English

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Islamic Pulse is proud to announce the launch of the second series of Makinations. In this installment, we take it right back down to the fundamental basics of understanding the enemy: Satan (Iblis) himself. What is he? What are his objectives? How does he use the Dunya (worldly life) to trap you? Knowing the enemy and his reality will empower us to fight back. Being unaware of him will leave us vulnerable to his insinuations. In this episode, we reveal some of the most significant elements of Satan through the verses of the Holy Quran. The time to wake up to the reality of the world we live in is now. Stay strong. Stay vigilant. And stay tuned, #WhereverYouAre. #Makinations #Satan #Iblis #Devil #Jinn #Shaytaan #Music #MusicIndustry #Eminem #Rap #Witch #Evil #BlackMagic #Magic

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