Pakistan under attack by TALIBAN and AMERICA - 16May09 - English

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Pakistan under attack by TALIBAN and AMERICA - 16May09 - English. Taliban vs. US is a setup to make sure that the Pakistani Nation get stressed and surrender to the world powers and not even think about any revolution. Recent activities in Pakistan are the evident proof of targeting the passion of Pakistani people for Islam. The main objective behind the whole clash between Taliban and US is to drive people of Pakistan away from true Islam. The distorted version of Islam presented to people of Pakistan using Taliban has nothing to do with any teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a.w). This technique has been used in past to drive christians and jews away from the teachings of Prophet Eesa (a.s) and Prophet Moses (a.s). The activities that were performed in the name of Christianity and Judaism had nothing to do with the teachings of original Christianity and Judaism. As a result, Christians and Jewish turned away from their religion and allowed some selfish and money and control freaks to hijack their religion. We, as a Muslim, and the followers of Ahlulbayt (a.s) have a big responsibility. This responsibility includes but is not limited to is to stick to the pure Muhammadan religion and spread the true teachings of Rasool Allah.

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