The Biggest Lie-Leading to War English movie Part 3-Sub English

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Condoleezza   Rice   Colin   Powell   Donald   Rumsfeld   bush   How   did   the   U.S.   government   lead   its   people   to   war   Bush   Administration   Claims   vs.   The   Facts   A   Mythic   Reality     Mechanism   for   War   War   Through   Rose-Colored   Glasses   Abuses   and   Misuses   of   Intelligence   /   Rhetoric   and   Spin   iraq   war   911   september   11   resfield   condolizarice   colin   powl  

How did the U.S. government lead its people to war An examination, using government and press reports, of pre-war claims made by the Bush administration - as well as a summary of the tragic consequences of the Iraq War A Mythic Reality An exploration of the misleading ‘mythic reality’ created by the Bush administration to persuade the public to support a war against Iraq A Mechanism for War How the Bush administration constructed a mechanism to propel the nation to war War Through Rose-Colored Glasses Ten assurances given to the U.S. public by the Bush administration about how a war with Iraq would unfold Abuses and Misuses of Intelligence How the Bush administration misrepresented and distorted intelligence in making the case for war Rhetoric and Spin An analysis of how President Bush and his administration skillfully manipulated language and facts

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