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Occupy Calgary draws several hundred protesters Hundreds of people drummed, chanted and protested issues ranging from income disparity, capitalism and corporate politics to homelessness and fiat currency during “Occupy Calgary.” They began their protest at the foot of the locked glass doors of downtown Bankers Hall on Saturday afternoon. After about two hours, a crowd estimated to be between 300 and 500 people marched to Olympic Plaza, where several vowed to camp out over the weekend. Police said there were no arrests. The demonstrators had remained peaceful. Following similar protests in cities across Canada, the Occupy Wall Street movement is drawing thousands of people across the world to set up campsites in urban parks. It began in New York in September; when protesters began a sit-in at Zuccotti park to object to Wall Street’s role in the 2008 financial collapse. “There’s a high disparity between the rich and the poor in Calgary,” said SAIT journalism student Sarah Pynoo, 19. “We’re one of the richest cities in North America, but we have enormous homelessness problems. “And there are thousands of people living below the poverty line and that’s worrying.” The protest was rich with signs, flags and even a few raging grannies. One cardboard sign, painted in a dark silhouette of a mouse, featured a red mouth with the sign “corporate politics eats people.” Some protesters tried to draw awareness to investment fraud issues in Alberta. Others on 9/11 truth, a return to the gold standard, and mainstream media bias.

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