[For kids] Pehla Qadam - Promo - Urdu

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"PEHLA QADAM" is a DVD formulated to create a base of both religious and worldly knowledge. The novel feature of this DVD is that animation has been capitalized to create an interesting flavor and approach to charm and maintain the attention of children. This DVD "PEHLA QADAM" enlists the necessary following topics; 1. Aao Quran Sekhain 2. Toheed (Animation) 3. Ma'asumeen (a.s) 4. Tib-e-Ma'asumeen (a.s) (Animation) 5. Hijaab 6. Allah's Stick (Animation) 7. Our Problem Solvers 8. Lets Learn English 9. Kitaboon ki Sair (Animation) 10. Computer (Animation) 11. Ek Baat Bataon (Animation) 12. Behlol's Mosque (Animation) 13. Dastan-e-Karbala 14. Ashab-e-Aashura 15. Majalis (Shehzada Qasim, Bibi Sakina) 16. Mard-e-Shujaa (Hazra Abbas a.s) 17. Mazloom-e-Karbala (Imam Hussain a.s)

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