Selling arms to ME will backfire on US - 1 Jan 2012 - English

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The United States arms sales to the Middle Eastern countries will eventually boomerang on the US, a political analyst tells Press TV. His comment comes as the US has recently finalized a 30-billion-dollar deal with Saudi Arabia as part of a 60-billion-dollar contract, first unveiled in October 2010. The US has also signed a deal to sell about USD 3.5 billion worth of arms to the United Arab Emirates. “The sales of such high technology to unstable regimes in the Middle East region such as Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates, is something that is going to backfire on the United States,” said Nader Mokhtari political commentator and journalist. “You have to take into account that these countries are not run via political operatives like other countries,” the Tehran-based analyst said, adding that they are run 'like family-run businesses.' The US has demonstrated support for popular uprisings in the Middle East while at the same time propping up their authoritarian regimes by selling them billions of dollars worth of various types of weaponry. In its Yearbook 2010, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) stated that the US accounts for 43 percent of world military spending and 30 percent of global arms exports, making it the world's leader in both categories. US arms sales to the Persian Gulf countries has reached USD 123 billion, with a USD 67.8 billion package for Saudi Arabia, USD 35.6 billion for the United Arab Emirates, USD 12.3 billion for Oman and USD 7.1 billion for Kuwait.

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