Jews against Zionism - English

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The USA has been colonized by the Israeli Terror State. This has been accomplished without Israel having fired a single shot. Instead, Israel's agents bought up all of the news and entertainment businesses during the early part of the 20th century and used it to silence all opposition with endless propaganda tossed in newsprint upon America's lawns and later sprewed from radio's and TV's in their homes and automobiles. Every minute of the day, the media poison flows through the soul of each America, all of it orchestrated by Zionist subversive writers, producers, owners, and performers. In addition, the Rothschild banks pushed Woodrow Wilson and Congress into creating a privately owned and operated Zionist banking system which is called The Federal Reserve which is run by born Zionists and not by the 98% of the nation that is non-Zionist by birth. Also, Zionists infiltrated the Christian Churches and perverted the Christian faith into becoming an operative of Israel by owning all of the cable networks and radio stations which Christian would need to rent if they wanted to reach their people over the airwaves and cable channels. These minister found that the successful cable churches had to preach pro-Israeli perversions of their religion to gain a spot on the air, so they did that to further their opportunities to reach people. The churches changed to fit their new Master, the Zionist media goons who only wanted to deal with Christian friends of Israel. It was all so easy. Even the Iraq war costing trillions of dollars feel into the hands of the Israeli Neocons in the White House. So easy. If a Congressman complained, all the rich Zionists had to do was spend a few dollars, and, in a few years he would be replaced by their own Congressman of choice. So easy. Taking over America was like stealing from little children. Once they owned the banks and the federal reserve, the nation of America was theirs to do with as they wished.

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