Cheese Straws - Cheesy Bread Sticks Recipe - English

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Ingredients: frozen puff pastry about 2 tsp olive oil , or as needed about 1/2 cup total finely grated aged cheddar and Parmigiano-Reggiano, or more as needed salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste Any soup, stew, or bowl of chili would look substantially better with some of these alongside. A few cheese straws will make that sleepy bowl of leftover pasta suddenly seems special again, and substituting them for toast at breakfast is a proven crowd-pleaser. Dipping toasted bread into a runny egg yolk is nice, but dipping with a warm, crispy cheese straw? That goes way beyond nice. As long as you use some nice, grate-able pungent cheeses, and cook them long enough to get crisp, there’s no way these won’t be great. I hope you give them a try soon, and report back with all your brilliant adaptations. Enjoy!

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