The event of Karbala And Yazeed - Dr. Zakir Naik opinion - Opposing all Shias n Sunnis - English

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This program was held on December 2 2007 in mumbai and the video on youtube has been removed from Dr. Zakir Naik lovers where the original id was tctrR6PlMOw. Dr. Zakir Naik supporting Yazeed and sending blessing of Allah on him. Zakir Naik termed the event of Karbala as a mere Political War, What we do not understand however is a fact that nothing is outside of the boundaries of Islam. The facts of Karbala are so evident according to both Sunni and Shia traditions that one would really be very ignorant about the history of islam if one tries to say "may allah be pleased" for Yazid. Also Karabla and every other incident falls under some islamic pretext even if you consider it falsely as a mere political war.

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