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A great discussion on Lebanese post election situation. The Lebanese Army has condemned recent Israeli deployments inside Lebanon's borders, saying that it will follow up the move through international bodies. The army said in a statement on Friday that the recent erection of an observation post and a military facility by Israel on the outskirts of the Kfar Shouba Hills of Lebanon is against the international resolutions and also against the United Nations' frontier line between Lebanon and Israel. Responding to the Israeli violation of Lebanese territory Lebanon called the action “provocative” and deployed its own army units in the area on Friday. "In a clear violation of a restricted area of Lebanese territory, and in an attempt to impose a new reality on the ground, the Israeli enemy on Wednesday set up an observation post at the edge of Kfar Shouba and a military position overlooking Baathaeel pond, violating the imaginary line that (UNIFIL) delineated anew, which it considers to be the Israeli withdrawal line," said the statement, making reference to the Blue Line designated by the UN in 2000. "Given this provocative stance, Lebanese Army units in the region deployed patrols along the border," it added. The army said it was following up on Israel's violation with UNIFIL officials in order "to resolve this urgent situation", The Daily Star reported. Israel seized control of the Farms in 1967, when it also captured the Syrian Golan Heights. UN Resolution 1701 was adopted in August 2006 following Israel's 33-day war against Lebanon. The resolution binds Israel to pull its forces out of the village of Ghajar and the Kfar Shouba Hills.

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