[11 June 2012] Pakistanti protesters march towards PM office - English

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[11 June 2012] Pakistanti protesters march towards PM office - English These members of the Pakistan's main opposition party were marching towards the offices of the president and prime minister as part of their protest campaign against the government.Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmakers have boycotted the parliament's budget proceedings to join the protest rally.They have staged a sit-in outside the President House to seek the removal of the Peoples Party government for what they call its failure to improve the country's economy including energy crises. Pakistan is currently in the midst of severe energy shortages with many parts of the country witnessing long power outages.The opposition party does not consider Yousaf Raza Gilani as the country's legitimate Prime Minister following his conviction over his refusal to reopen corruption cases against the President.The government has rejected the opposition protest saying they should have attended the important budget proceedings of the Parliament.Despite strong calls by the opposition, the government has no plans to quit.

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