[10 Dec 2013] US scientist warns against US-Russia nuclear war - English

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10   Dec   2013   US   scientist   warns   against   US   Russia   nuclear   war   PTV   Presstv   English   A   US   nuclear   scientist   has   warned   that   a   nuclear   war   between   the   US   and   Russia   could   lead   to   the   extinction   of   the   huma  

Ira Helfand, the co-president of the group International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, says there are more than 17 000 nuclear warheads which have been ignored since the Cold War ended in 19 91. He says modern nuclear weapons are far more powerful than the US bombs used against Japan in 19 45. Nine countries are believed to possess nuclear weapons with Russia and the US holding the vast majority of them. Israel is the Middle East\'s sole possessor of nuclear weapons. The US pledged in 2009 to work toward the abolition of its nuclear weapons but said it would keep them so long as others keep theirs.

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