Defending Wilayah | Agha Ahmed Panahian | Farsi Sub English

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What should we do when someone disrespects the Leader? Unfortunately, some out of laziness, some out of cowardice, some to avoid any friction resulting in their personal losses, others due to their shallow understanding of Islamic principles, shy away from defending Wilayah. Know that defending Wilayah is a responsibility and a duty! If the followers of Wilayah do not perform this divine duty, the Wali will be abandoned and rest assured, it would not stop there. The sedition, plan, and plot would extend to the disrespect of the infallible Imams, Prophet, Quran, Ahl al-Bayt, Islam and ultimately Allah. Agha Ahmed Panahian explains this in the light of the Seerah of Prophet (S) & Imam Ali (A). #MustWatch #MustShare

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