Foreign Hands At Play In the Recent Riots | Imam Khamenei | Farsi Sub English

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What is the reaction of certain naive people whenever it is said that a certain incident was caused by a foreign enemy? And which spying agencies do these people try to defend? Furthermore, has the American President or the American House of Representatives ever supported violent rioters anywhere in the world? Additionally, is there any record of the American mass media supporting unruly rioters? But then, why are they supporting a handful rioters creating unrest in Iran? Why is the American capitalist mass media giving such vast coverage to the riots in Iran and overamplifying it and blowing it out of proportion with their mostly fraudulent reports? And why is there little to no coverage of protests taking place in other parts of the world, especially in France, where the police are brutally suppressing the protesters protesting against the skyrocketing living costs and economic crises? Moreover, do these so-called supporters of the rioters actually care about the death of a girl or is it just another one of their dirty tactics to attack the Islamic Republic? And finally, what is the hidden agenda behind all this media coverage and uproar? Imam Khamenei addresses the current events and openly states that there are foreign hands at play behind the scenes of these incidents.

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