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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse Talk Show. In this episode, we\'re talking about \"Yemen\'s Defense of Palestine\". What are two camps that have been formed across the world in the present-day and what does Palestine have to do with them? Who all makes up each one of these two camps that span across the world? What role does the United States of America have in perpetuating the crisis and genocide in Palestine? What is a clear difference that must be made between the peoples of Muslim nations and their respective governments? How have the Yemeni people defended the Palestinian people? And what is an interesting addition to the \'factions\' that are supporting Palestine and the Palestinian cause? What role does faith in God play when it comes to defending the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause? What role does the United Nations Organization play in our discussion regarding Palestine and Yemen? And finally, how are the actions of the Yemeni people in their defense of Palestine both rational and logical? In order to answer these questions and more, we humbly invited Shaykh Ali Qomi to come and speak to us about \"Yemen\'s Defense of Palestine\". Our salutations and prayers to all the brave people in Yemen standing up and defending the Palestinian people. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #GlobalArrogance #IslamicRevolution #Revolution #Resistance #MassMedia #ArrogantPowers #Truth #Justice #IslamicResistance #Media #Yemen #SaveYemen #Houthi #FreePalestine #Gaza #HelpGaza #SavePalestine #FreedomFighter #Palestine #AlQuds #GazaMassacre #GazaGenocide #AlAqsaStorm #Freedom #Slavery #Zionism #israel #JihadeTabyiin #SoftWar #IslamicAwareness

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