[22 June 2012] Water occupation - Remember Palestine - English

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[22 June 2012] Water occupation - Remember Palestine - English On December 13, 2011, the French National Assembly issued a 320-page report entitled, The Geopolitics of Water, which dedicated 20 pages to an alleged water war between Israelis and Palestinians. Employing the incendiary term apartheid, the report's lead author, Jean Glavany, accused Israel of usurping Palestinian water sources and showing favoritism to 450,000 settlers who purportedly use more water than 2.3 million Palestinians in the West Bank. This year the UN also reported from the 530 springs they surveyed in the West Bank 30, mostly in areas where Israel retains military control, were taken over by the settlers. It added that Palestinians currently had limited access to 26 other springs where settlers had moved in and threatened to take control. This month, local security forces in Jenin said that the bulldozers destroyed the well near Beit ad village, north of Jenin. The well belonged to a Palestinian resident of Tubas and provided water for tens of acres in Beit Qad plain. Sources added that a handful of military machinery, supported by two bulldozers were in the area during the destruction of the well. The governor of Jenin, Talal Dweikat, denounced the destruction of the well which he described as designed to fight the rights of Palestinians. Dweikat also said that this issue has come to shape an important worry for all districts in Palestine, especially Jenin which has been suffering continuously from similar attacks.

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