Sahifa Kamilah - Dua for Thursday - Urdu

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O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. (All) praise is for Allah (only) who, through His omnipotence, strips the night of darkness, and, through His mercy, brings in the visible light of the day, wrapped me in its brightness, and filled me with its benefits. O my Allah, just as Thou kept me alive (till) this day, let me live through many such days; bless (Thy) Prophet, Muhammad and his children, and do not bring loss upon me in any part of its duration, and also in other nights and days, (by way of not preventing myself from) going in for anything unlawful, and making progress through wrongful means; give me its good, good that is there in it now, and good that it shall have, keep me aloof from its evil, evil that is there in it now, and evil that it shall have. O my Allah, I, totally committed to Islam, seek nearness to Thee; fully learning and grasping (the meanings of) the (Holy) Quran, resolve firmly to rely upon obedience unto Thee; and through the medium of Muhammad Al Mustafaa (the chosen), peace and blessings of Allah be on him and his children, I ask Thee for my rescue, therefore know well, acknowledge, and accept, O my Allah, the commitment and alliance on which I rely to receive satisfaction of my desires, O the Most Merciful. O my Allah, in the hours of this Thursday, fulfil my five desires, do not set in motion anything except Thy generous kindness, do not make possible and promote interest of any thing except Thy favour; (give me) sound health and wholesome security which I shall use to obey Thy commands, (confidence) to do good deeds which put me in a position to deserve more and more rewards from Thee, sufficient means of livelihood through fair and lawful employment, be my escort in the hour of fright to afford security, and in the hours of difficulties and sorrows keep me under Thy fortified stronghold; send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and let my alliance with them be a means of recommendation on the Day of Judgement, because verily Thou art the the Most Merciful. O Allah! Send blessing on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad.

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